Fasten your… man

By Evans Mbora Campbell, Kenya

You may have already filled the void that the dots allude to,
Yet in reality the void left by the man who left any idea of that answer for Kenyans remains vacant,
We were once nothing more than vagrants, begging for direction in a country where carnage was the order of the day, as night follows day,
But now we think twice seated in our cars, in the matatus that take us from A to B, and we have more hope, hope that we’ll make finally make it to C

His name was John Michuki,
Title fitting for the service he rendered to his country; Honourable,
A minister who caused ripples for his stern, focused opinion, a man of no indecision,
Such were the bold character traits our country needed at a time when fatal road accidents were as ubiquitous as the matatus accused of causing them,
A time when seatbelts were never a matter of concern and advertisements became nothing more than ignorable attempts at pun!
At THAT point in time, it was his firm voice, his urge to see a country transformed, that helped us achieve this state now substantially reformed!

Admittedly I had never heard of the speed governor before the year 2007,
And in all honesty, the introduction of a mechanism that could curtail how fast I would get somewhere I urgently needed to be was bound to fail!
But the Honourable minister was RELENTLESS, settling for nothing less than consistent obedience,
Setting a standard that still remains unforgettable, that still lives on as one of his most amazing achievements, deservedly memorable,

And though we may mourn the loss of an amazing gentleman, leader and patriot,
We must also celebrate the lives of those he has helped save and remember that his was not an effort lost,
But one that shall surpass the lives of all it touched to reach generations upon generations for a beautiful nation.

In honour of a great man, and his all-inclusive life plan,
Fasten your seatbelt man.

Evans Mbora Campbell describes himself as a  young, free-spirited gentleman interested in living diversity and writing about life and its experiences. Visit his blog at