A Revolution In Africa

Mungai Munene, Kenya

Speech on The Future of Africa; Delivered at the National Youth Convention, April 21st 2012

“This is the day of revolution, this is the day of African love, and this is the day of life” Mungai Munene

Three things, three things are alien to man; Himself, his will and his faith. Upon these foundations the world stands. Men die, their memory only the barrel of the gun or the broken ends of a machete. It is a man who kills himself, it is man who builds and fails his will. A man wills to build and the same man wills to break down the faith of others, in a matter of speaking gentlemen and women; it is man who defines the path of his self.

Our continent has great men and women, people who stand by their faith even when everything else is falling away, people like Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai who were willing to give their lives for a cause they believed in, a cause that brought them head on with the powers that be. So revolution in our continent must not only be that which is defined by other people, it is not the masses that must birth a revolution; it is the hearts of individuals like yourselves who in their small unique ways affects the lives of the common folk. A revolution is happening in Africa, a revolution in the gutters, a revolution in the slums, in the dark corners and streets of our cities; a revolution is happening. It is a revolution that will be heard from the four corners of our continent, Those in Botswana will hear it, those in Libya will dance to the songs of revolution, those in the Mali will ride with the storms and in them a pure love, a fair conviction, an undying hope that their continent be birthed to greatness. There will be a feeling in the air, one of hope, one of a courage never again seen, mothers will sit with their children, and they will songs of revolution. Children will remember these days, for I tell you earnestly that these days will be remembered for years to come. Poets will make great poetry about these days, writers will write great volumes about these days, singers will sing great lyrics about the new freedom, the new truth, and it will be like no other time. Men and women, Presidents and peasants, farmers, politicians, the learned and not learned will stand together in the streets, their hopes homeward born, their conviction alive, their beliefs and faith restored. And we shall sing the songs of freedom, we shall love each other, we shall not ask about another man’s tribe, we shall not ask about another’s man’s wealth. We shall talk as brothers; we shall walk together, fearless! We shall sit and drink together, break all protocol, believe in the solemn faith of our people. We shall not judge men by their faith, rather we shall look at a man, as a man, we shall not define them by the tone of their skin, we shall not define them by the size of their body, neither define them by the nature of their clothing. On that day my brothers, my sisters our continent shall be one.

That day is today, that day of revolution is now! The day when we remember the sanctity of human life, that we do not forget the law of our maker and that we honor each man, each woman as we would Him. Man shall no longer rise against brother, man shall no longer lose his love for his neighbor, and man shall NOT burn another man’s family. Our hope shall be redefined, our vision recalled and our conviction re-birthed. Our brotherhood will outlast the question of time; country will not rise against country. We shall frown upon them that incite us, them that take us back to slavery, them that kill our children, them that kill our countrymen, we shall strike and rebuke those who define evil as such, we shall not love men who cause hatred among brothers, we shall not welcome men who kill other men, we shall not welcome men who steal from brothers. We shall love them though, those who are without light, we shall call all men, towards love and towards the freedom of a continent that is chained by herself.

The young people must dream, they must see visions. They must in a matter of speaking free the continent from her chains! Rise up! Rise up and be the men and women who take us back to the dreams of greatness, to the dreams of our forefathers. Be the Patrice lumumbas and the Tom Mboyas of our time, be the men who suffered painful death to save their continent. Many men shed their blood for our freedom, and so we must rise above the questions of selfishness, the questions of hatred that is not defined. Our continent, our people must know the beauty of free men. We must never die, we must not, even when breadth has left the cages of our mortal bodies, we must not let our people become slaves of ourselves.

So, In conclusion, it is a time of revolution, a revolution where we shall not spill blood, we shall not raise the barrel against a brother! We shall not burn houses, we shall not go into the forest and fight, we shall not attack villages and kill children, we shall not order the burning of tribes, we shall not hate other people who are alien to our lands, we shall never again in our history kill the dreams of children, cause pain to mothers, to sisters, to fathers and to a country. We must find hope in the darkness of all time, Gentle men and great women, we are the generation that will cause love to lands, to our people, if we do not show love, if we do not stop the wars, and then our continent shall never learn. This is the day of revolution, this is the day of African love, and this is the day of life”

Secretary General


Mungai Munene is a recipient of the prestigious Equity African Leaders Program scholarship for excellence. He is currently pursuing a B.sc in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at The University of Nairobi. He has worked for Tansi Group Consult, Equity Bank Limited, Tansi Investments and Techno Afrique. He currently serves as the Sec-General at the Equity Leaders Club. He’s written Africanized Independence and On the Brink of Genocide for AYJ. He also writes and edits for the phenomenal EALP Journals.